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    I've given up on trying to look for the codes because it matches nothing.  The IT unit here at work says I have a ghost in my machine which may be true, but this is the fourth PC that has had occasional beeps.  At different times of the day, I get a quick double mid-ranged tone beep-beep.  Today it happened twice.  After the second time however, it gave of three higher pitched longer beeps.  Anyone have a clue as to what this might be?  Was running 8GB of RAM, but went down  to 4GB in slots 1 and 3.  Just trying to solve this infernal irratating machine issue.

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  • 06/14/16--05:21: problem with memory ram
  • hello all i have one problem eith my pc, dell optiplex 745 !

    i have total 4 slots "1x2GB  1x1GB 1x1GB 1x1GB"

    but my pc don't power up

    please help me someone 

    thenx all

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  • 06/23/16--07:54: Inspiron 2320 not booting
  • Hi, Im just wondering if someone will be able to share some insight into what is wrong with my Insprion 2320 all in one desktop. Although this machine is quite old now, its something that I'd like to have going to just find a use for it. Well theres not much to say really, when trying to boot the machine it gets to the point which the dell logo is displayed and there is a loading bar at the bottom and doesnt go any further. Cant boot to BIOS or setup or anything. Across the screen is a line of dots as well. Ive attached a photo of what it looks like. 

    Thanks for any help that anyone can share,


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    Finally, after days of attempting to download this months batch, the final update got downloaded and installed on Sunday, on both computers. Since then, on the Windows 7 machine, another couple of "Important" updates refuse to download.

    These are KB 3161664 KB316 1958 Security Updates for Windows 7 for x=64 based Systems for a total of 1.8MG. These were first presented Sunday morning with a Windows Defender definitions update, and non of it would load. Ran the definitions update separately and it downloaded and installed. But the two listed above are still being stubborn after many hours of "Downloading Updates"

    Any suggestions about how to overcome these glitches.

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  • 09/09/14--06:00: Dell Owner Tag Change
  • Hi, recently one of our former employees went and added owner tags to our computers, filled with insults and derogatory terms. I am trying to just change the owner tag back to its blank state like it was before. We are running Dell Optiplex 755's, 760's, an 780's. I think the employee used the Dell Client Configuration Toolkit with the command C:\>cctk --propowntag=xxxxxxxxxxx, and I keep getting "Unable to get information from BIOS". Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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  • 06/24/16--17:46: optiplex wont display
  • can someone please help my dell optiplex 755 wont display anything on the moniter also the aux_led is orange every thing seems fine fan work stuff turn on exept monitor please help and thank u in advance

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  • 06/24/16--06:52: 3rd Drive for Inspiron 3650
  • I was disappointed at first with my 3650.  I bought my wife a 3847  about 3 months ago.  Same price, but full form factor.  The 3650 is miniaturized.

    That said:  having found a cable set up for a second drive (2.5 inch), and ordered a plastic holding bracket, is there any reason I can't install a THIRD one?   Still one spare SATA slot and even though all drives are powered by the same power supply lead, they don't draw much.


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  • 05/16/16--15:03: Failed Hard Drive
  • We have a Dell XPS One 2720 that was setup at our Rescue Squad and is out of warranty. No problem, I can replace the hard drive but non on created system discs or backups and my look at for drivers will not allow me to download the drives ahead of time so I can install them when I install the new drive and install Windows 10. It appears I may be able to order the system discs from Dell that I think will have Windows 8 Pro and hopefully the drivers/programs that would bring the system back to where it was when new.

    Is there a way to download just the drivers that won't try to auto install or expand when downloaded? I want them on a USB memory stick ready to install after loading Windows 10. Suggestions welcomed. 



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     I am working on upgrading my T3600 desktop to Windows 10 and it is not working. We are loading up our upgrade media on a USB drive like we have done for others in our office but when the setup restarts the first time a screen comes up asking for which keyboard to use and then goes to a troubleshooting screen. The only option that does anything shuts down the computer. Then windows 7 starts up again normally.

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    Hi could someone please refer me to a FAQ or article with suggestions about removing unnecessary software from a new Laptop.  First to go will be McAfee - is there other stuff people recommend removing? TIA

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  • 06/25/16--16:43: Modifying Chipset Driver
  • I have a hard drive from a GX270, I need to install it into a GX260 (without modifying any of the software) but need to update the chipset driver first. Since the hard drive won't boot due to this issue, is there a way to install the new driver onto this hard drive while using this drive as a secondary drive in another PC?

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  • 12/22/14--13:45: Online Dell diagnostics
  • I was running Dell diagnostics online on a remote desktop connection. About a minute after diagnostics started, this filled the whole screen. 

    I immediately shut the machine down, and restarted. Everything looked normal, and I am running an in depth virus scan right now.

    I did a reverse google image search, and did not get any similar results.

    I have done this same process on many other computers, and have never gotten this kind of result. Has anyone else seen anything similar?

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  • 06/27/16--06:04: Which Optical Drive?
  • Which external optical drive is suitable for either a 7040 MT or 7040 SFF? Looking to install software via DVD/CD and maybe burn data to a DVD.

    1. Dell USB Slim DVD +/-RW Drive - DW316 (Dell Part# 429-AAUQ)

    2. Dell External Trayload USB 8 xDVD+/-RW Optical Drive (Dell Part# 429-16655)

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    ~1 year old 2720.  It's upgraded to Windows 10, and had worked pretty well flawlessly. 

    Last week, there was a boot error, at which point I had the light blue screen with options to continue to Windows 10 (wouldn't work), restart, or take Advanced Options.

    In Advanced Options, I ran the hardware tests - everything came out fine.  I then rebooted again - now it just spins endlessly with the dotted circle in the middle of the screen. 

    I've done hard shutdowns, and I've gone F12 into the system menus.  At one point, I was able, after about 4 hours of letting it spin, to log in.  And everything worked, but it had to reload all of my music in Groove, and all of my live tiles save 4 or 5 were gone from the start menu.

    Once it went to sleep again, I'm back to square one and staring at a blue screen with the endlessly spinning dots.

    I'm assuming this is a Windows issue, but I have many machines with the latest updates and none of them have had this problem, and I can't figure it out.

    Anybody else seeing anything similar?  Any suggestions on how to fix?

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  • 06/26/16--23:18: Which Network Card?
  • If I purchase either a XPS 8900 or a Precision Tower 3420 or an Optiplex 7040, can I add a gigabyte Ethernet card after my purchase if I decide I need one? If so, which Ethernet card do I purchase? The Dell 5722? And if I install it myself, will it affect the warranty?

    Also, if I purchase any Dell desktop and want to expand the RAM in the future and the unit is still under warranty, if I add extra RAM purchased from Dell, will my warranty be affected?

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    Production date: 5/2011

    BIOS A07

    Windows 10 SP1

    Chipset driver

    System boots fine and fan speed operates to maintain CPU temperature as expected by CPU temperature table in BIOS. 

    Once the system goes into sleep and awoken, the fan is locked at minimum speed irrespective of CPU temperature hits maximum and pegs out on thermal throttle. 

    Can anyone else duplicate it?  

    Some CPUs do not get hot enough to ever need to spin the fan above minimum under ordinary conditions and in that case you'd need to block the air intake in front of the PC to duplicate it. Confirm that CPU fan ramps up with loaded up (such as Prime95) and airflow blocked off. 

    Place the computer into sleep. 

    Wake it up. 

    Repeat. Does the fan speed ramp up? 

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    I want to add an expansion card to a new Tower 3620.  I can get the box open to access to chassis just fine,  but how does this black plastic cover on the expansion slots work.  Looks like it's designed to make it easy to pop open all the slots at once,  but it's way to clever for me to figure out.  Hand me the big pliers!

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    Purchased an Optiplex 7040 for a client in need of a POS system. Installed a video card, 2 x Samsung 500GB SSD's in RAID1, Windows 7 Pro and Dell drivers. The machine was returned to me a total of 3 times because of random freezes, no response from keyboard, mouse or power button. Passed all diagnostics.  Replaced the video card, memory and drives. Finally had Dell replace the motherboard yesterday. Clean install of Windows 7 on a single SSD, installed drivers and left it running all night (power settings changed to not allow sleep). System was frozen this morning. The PSU and CPU are to only two components not replaced. I'm going to try installing Windows 10 next.

    The machine is long past the 30 return window. I've given the customer a new computer, now I'm stuck with a $1000 POS that isn't working right.

    Thoughts or ideas?

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  • 06/27/16--21:09: Card Reader
  • Hello,

    Recently i bought a TEAC CAB-200 and put it into a dell optiplex 780 but it does not seem to do anything and when i plug it in windows won't recognize it Any suggestions? 

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    My Latitude CPX Model # PPX  acts  like its got virus. Mouse keeps typing same thing over and over.

     I finally got into  Safe MODE dos  prompt.  But the  letter i would not appear screen. 

    All letters I typed appeared on screen except the letter i

     Please help.  I've got data from year 2009 on that computer and software that they don't make anymore like Lotus 123 Spreadsheet Release 9.

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